Grapevine Pumpkins Tutorial

A few years ago I saw some pumpkins similar to the ones I made in the photo below. I thought the pumpkins I had seen had metal wrapped around them.  It wasn’t until my friend Laura pointed out it was grapevine not metal around the pumpkins.  Well that makes a big difference if it’s grapevine wire, I realized this is something I could do!  I decided I wanted to give my hand a try at making one or more of these this year,  I’m happy I did.  They were so easy to make!  I already had the pumpkins so I only needed to purchase the “natural” looking wire that Laura told me about, I found this at my local craft store in the same area where you find the silk flowers and flower wire.  I’m sure metal wire would have worked too but why fool around with making wire look rusted when you can just buy this natural wire stuff?   Besides this wire was very pliable vs rigid metal that I thought was on the pumpkins I had seen so long ago!


DIY Grapevine Pumpkins

The supplies you will need for this project are:

Hot Glue
Wired Rope (or grapevine string)
Wire Cutters


You will need to measure the length of wire you need for most indents on the pumpkins (I didn’t use wire on each indent as I wanted the wire more evenly spaced out).  Once you have all the pieces cut,  form the wire to the pumpkin then bent the end and pushed it into the bottom of the pumpkin.


Here you can see how to form the wire to the pumpkin.


Now that the ends are secured to the bottom of the pumpkin, use hot glue to attach some of the wire tops close to the stem.  You don’t have to hot glue all of them; just a few so you can hold the rest with one hand while wrapping a smaller piece of wire around all the top pieces of wire.   Then you fold the top pieces over the small band you just added as shown in the photo below.


For the bigger white pumpkin, you should take the wire and wrap it one and a half times around the middle of the pumpkin.  Then weave this piece of wire under and around each of your vertical pieces of wire.  You can do as many rows like this that you want.  I did two rows.


Once you have the horizontal pieces done, wrap more wire around the stem and take two short pieces of wire, wrap them around one of your fingers to make it look curly and attach those to the stem.

This project was easy and fast to do.  All three of these took less than an hour to make!  They were as simple to create as the Witches Hat I recently made!

DIY Grapevine Pumpkins

My friend and fellow blogger Laura from Inspiration for Moms was my inspiration for making these!  Thank you so much Laura!  What are some fall projects have you made or want to make this year?

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