DIY Subway Art

I love subway art but I found it was expensive to have a custom piece made, so I decided to make this poster (as well as a favorite number poster and favorite framed recipe) myself.  I used Paint Shop Pro to do this but I’m sure you can do this in any other similar software!  Before I started making this I went to to see what sizes I could have my posters printed in, then I went on a search to find a frame that would coordinate with the sizes staples offered.  I ended up finding the frame on amazon for under $25.00, the cost to have this poster printed at staples was $28.00, add in a $8.00 mat and the cost for this whole project was less then $60.00, compared to the $199.00 price tag to have someone else create this for me, wooh I’d say I saved myself a bunch of pennies!

How To: Subway Art - Dio Home Improvements



After figuring out the size poster staples could print for me (I used their large size poster 24×36) I got to creating this subway art.  I simply created a new file 24×36 with a black background, chose my font color and started writing text of things that have a special meaning to me, I used a different font for each word or section.  I temporarily have this hanging in the bedroom I’m not sure this will stay there, I originally made this to go on my staircase wall.    You can see the other posters I made here



I didn’t love the poster in the bedroom so I moved it to the stairwell, I put a star burst mirror in the bedroom where the subway art was.


Here are all three posters before I framed them

Subway Art  Favorite Numbers  Favorite Recipe


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