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Sherwin Williams & Benjamin Moore have their Color Trends for 2014 out! These are some gorgeous colors and I for one am happy to see the really bright colors from the 2013 color trends are not a part of 2014’s trends!!   I have been slowly moving away from browns favoring more grays as of late, so I am thrilled to see various shades of gray or greige trending for 2014! I have already started moving to gray over the last year or so. Currently my bedroom, guest bedroom and kitchen are painted in Sherwin Williams Wool Skein, it’s a true greige. In some lighting it looks a little more beige/tan with gray undertones in other lighting it looks far more gray with tan under tones, I love this color so much I even painted my kitchen cabinets in it!

Sherwin Williams Wool Skein


In 2014 I plan on repainting the dining room, living room and office. 7 years ago when I painted these rooms, taupe was in (Sherwin Williams Softer Tan in the living room and dining room and Netsuke in the office).  Weather taupe is still in or not I am SICK of these colors! I plan on getting some samples of paint in the coming weeks to pick the new colors for the living room and dining room. I’m hoping Santa leaves some gift cards to SW in my stocking this year so I can buy some paint, of course I wouldn’t limit the gift cards for just paint, ahem Target gift cards are always welcomed too, I mean with new wall color new accessories will be in need!!


Here are my favorite picks from the color trends for 2014 by both SW and BM.

color trends 2014


As you can see I’m not super daring when it comes to colors on walls or furniture, it’s not that I am afraid of color it’s more a case of I tend to get sick of colors fast unless they are a neutral.  My bedroom has the greige walls, silver/blue and white bedding with yellow accents.  I’m happy to be putting the yellow away for the Christmas season, hmm maybe one of these trending 2014 colors will have to make their way into the bedroom accents!


Here are the full color trends for 2014 by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams 2014 Color Trends


Benjamin Moore’s full color trends

Benjamin Moore 2014 Color Trends


One of the new colors I see by SW for 2014 is Peppercorn, I actually purchased a sample of this a few months ago and used it when I painted a piece of furniture, you can see that here.

What are your current favorite colors?  Are any of these 2014 trends going to make their way into your home if so which ones?

Want to know what colors will be trending in 2015?  Click on the picture below!

2015 Olympic Paint Color Trends Challenge


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