My Bathrooms

The bathrooms in my house were really gross when I bought the house, the day I moved in I redid the upstairs bathroom (bathroom number 1 below).  I LOVE moldings of all kinds so of course both of my bathrooms have it.  Beadboard in the upstairs bathroom and board and batten (craftsman style) wainscot in the first floor bath!

Bathroom 1

Before (this is how the bathroom looked when I purchased the house)

Process of redoing the bathroom.  I originally painted this bathroom the same taupe color that I did the first floor bathroom in, as soon as I finished painting it I didn’t like it at all in the upstairs bathroom so I had to paint the whole bathroom in white again then decided on SW Icelandic blue for the upper walls.  The blue totally made the bathroom have that vintage look I was going for!  I almost left it all white as I really did like the look of the whole room in white but decided to try out the blue!

After I painted the walls, installed beadboard, new light, new faucet,
medicine cabinet, hardware and painted the vanity white.


Bathroom 2

Before (this is how the bathroom looked when the previous owners had the house up for sale)

After I painted SW Macadamia,put in new hardware, lights, faucet and new hardwood flooring

After I redid the bathroom with craftsman style wainscot (board and batten wainscot) and new paint SW Sea salt.

Process of installing the board and batten















Silhouette pictures were added, I painted the vanity white and I also installed a tilting mirror over the sink!

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